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Booklaunch is unique: we're a browsing platform—the closest thing online to a bookshop. Unlike other book magazines, we print extracts, not reviews. That way, readers can decide for themselves how a writer writes, rather than being told what to think by a third party. So whether you're a publisher or a self-publisher, if you want to show off a book, take space in our pages. 

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We carry a lot of non-fiction and academic titles, because we think they don't get enough attention within the book-reading community and on social media. If you've written a serious work and had trouble getting it the visibility it deserves, the best place to showcase it is in Booklaunch. We're read by a serious readership that you'll find hard to access elsewhere for the cost.

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Booklaunch is a text-heavy publication—roughly 1,600 words per page—so illustrated books stand out really well, and go down well with readers too. Among our best-selling books in recent issues have been sumptuously illustrated Lonely Planet guides and various museum catalogues. If you've produced a book on art or photography or cookery, or a children's book, flaunt it with us. 

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It's always hard for poetry to break through. We were delighted to publish extracts from Jonathan Edwards's Gen and Marilyn Hacker's Blazons, both extraordinary and both rooted in poetic cultures that we need more of. If you're involved in poetry and you're finding it impossible to get mainstream publishers to take notice, try Booklaunch. We'll always do our best to help.



When was the last time you saw a self-published book reviewed in the LRB or TLS? Ever since our first edition, we've made efforts to keep space available for self-published books that deserved to be taken notice of but which were victims of literary prejudice. If you've self-published, try your book on us. We won't relax our high standards but we also won't pretend you don't exist.  

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