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2 Editorial | Rupert Bear and racism    

3 Kathryn Smithies | Unloading the medieval ass    

4 Léon Werth | Private Clavel: Patient in War

5 Hugh Johnson | The Story of Wine    

6 Nicola Bruton Bennetts | The father of actuarialism    

7 Rob Kitchin and Alistair Fraser | Slow computing    

8 Mauro F. Guillén | Predicting 2030  

10 Schwartz, Fouad, Hansen and Verdier | Spending wisely on government infrastructure   

11 Jonathan Lawley | Andamans pygmies face extinction  

12 Michael Holman | Fifty years' reporting on Africa     

13 Duncan Clarke | Cecil Rhodes' ghost defends himself   

19 Robert Calderisi | Cecil Rhodes: a second opinion

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