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Click the image above to open a digitised version of our print magazine. Once you're there, click the magnifying glass (top right) to search for anything in this or any other edition of the magazine.

2 Editorial | The dangers of binarism    

3 Philip Seargeant | How politicians construct their lies    

4 Athena Aktipis | The evolution of the cancer cell    

6 Kevin Hand | Looking for alien life      

7 Rowland Wynne | Evan James Williams: atomic physicist    

8 Brigitte Benkemoun | Artists in Paris    

9 Ashmolean Museum | The making of Young Rembrandt  

10 Caspar Melville | London's music scene   

11 Yunis Alam | Cars and the Muslim street   

12 Ashmolean Museum | Wood engraving   

14 Michael Waterhouse | Novel about a soldier serving in Afghanistan 

15 Trevor Pateman | Policy on statues   

16 Neil Wilkie | Reigniting love in failing relationships   

17 Russell Meagher | Novel about the impact of sudden wealth   

18 Booklaunch | How to design a book cover

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