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3 Bart O'Fehfon | Bad Language, Potential words and Lingualia quiz

4 Simon Prentis | "Speech!" - A New Linguistic Theory

5 Lyle Campbell | Linguist on the Loose

6 Kirby Porter | Love and Bullying in Belfast (novel)

7 Richard Lloyd | The Heart of the Renaissance

8 Bruce Vivash-Jones | The History of Veterinary Medicine

9-12 Harry Lott | Five Volume Memoir of An Engineer, 1907-33

13 Robert Dudley Best | My Modern Movement

14 Deléchat and Medina (eds) | The Global Informal Workforce 

15 Terry Givens | The Roots of Racism

16 David Stephenson | Social Climbing in the Medieval Welsh March

17 Duncan Clarke | The Last Rhodesians

18 Fiona Erskine | A Murder Mystery in the Leith Docks (novel)

19 Robert Mullen | A Chinese Medieval Dream Journey (novel)

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