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Click the image above to open a digitised version of our print magazine. Once you're there, click the magnifying glass (top right) to search for anything in this or any other edition of the magazine.

2 Bart O'Fehfon | Bad Language, Word records and Lingualia quiz    

3 Janina David | The Hopeful Traveller

4 John Perrott Jenkins | Representing the Male  

5 Ann Oakley | Forgotten Wives

6–7 Warwick Ball | The Eurasian Steppe

8 Caroline Harris (ed.) | M-Boldened: Menopause Conversations

9 David Martin-Jones | Columbo

10 David Kauders | The Financial System Limit

11 Pedro Gomes | Friday is the New Saturday

12–13 Anne T. Woollett (ed.) | Holbein: Capturing Character

14 Susan Denham Wade | A History of Seeing in Eleven Inventions

15–18 Andrew Pettie (Britannica) | Listify!

19 Claire Bradbury | Dwellbeing: Finding Home in the City

20 Deborah Bird Rose | Shimmer: Flying-Foxes in Peril

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