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2 Editorial: Tin Ear Prize and

3 Bart O'Fehfon | Bad Language and Lingualia quiz    

4 Robins and Newman | Justice in a Time of Austerity    

5 Daud Abdullah | Hamas's foreign policy   

6 Philip Steadman | Renaissance fun machines    

8 D. Ben Rees  | James Griffiths MP: memoir  

9 Ralph A. Griffiths | Carnegie's Welsh Libraries

10 Daniel G. Williams | Raymond Williams and Welsh Identity

11 Jeff Malpas and Kenneth White | Thought and Poetics

12 Geoffrey Marsh | Shakespeare in London

14 Frances Bingham | Valentine Ackland and lesbian history

15 Collins and Clarke | King Henry VIII's art   

16 Christian Jennings | A Nazi massacre in Italy

17 IMF | Reforming corporate income tax

18 Martin Venning | Geopolitical thriller set in Iran

19 Ruth Hartley | Wicked people and wicked times

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