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2 Stephen Games: Editorial | Us and Them 

3 Bart O'Fehfon | Bad Language, Lingualia quiz and Survey 

4 Chamberlain, Kendall, McDougall (eds) | Social democracy 

5 Lloyd Bowen | John Poyer, Welsh parliamentarian and Royalist rebel 6 Peabody, Nelson, Thomas | The art of French colonialism

8  IMF | Inequality and tax policy

9 Britannica All New Children's Encyclopedia

14 Stephen Petty | A bugler in the Napoleonic Wars

15 Robert Dudley Best | From Bedales to the Boche

16 IMF | How digitalisation has affected public finance

17 Simon Ball | The history of Britain intelligence services

18 Tim Symonds | Six new Sherlock Holmes stories

19 Andrew Glazzard | Sleuthing Conan Doyle's writing

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