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Booklaunch is a magazine that runs extracts from intelligent fiction and non-fiction that you might not otherwise come across. We appear quarterly, have the largest circulation of any comparable magazine in the UK and look cool. To enjoy reading us in print, click here and we’ll mail you copies in the post.

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If you’ve written a book that people ought to read, tell us about it. We run a brilliantly inventive publishing company called EnvelopeBooks with a similar editorial ethos to our own. Whether you want to hit the shops or simply make a print-on-demand title available to friends and family anywhere in the world, click here.  


Our archive is free to access and easy to read, with pages you can turn and content you can explore. Click here to reach the archive, then use the search box (look for the little magnifying glass in the top right-hand corner of the page) to find anything in any edition. 

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We sell any book you might want—usually at better prices than Amazon—as well as all the books that feature in our pages. Click here and we’ll take you to our sales page, where you’ll get free UK postage on every purchase as well as being able to order overseas.


This is a message for publishers and authors. Booklaunch is the most cost-effective advertising platform in the world for promoting your books. We offer full tabloid pages (equivalent to 1,500 words) at far lower prices than other books magazines offer quarter pages. Click for more information or email ads [at] booklaunch.london

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