Coronavirus message from the editor


Hello, everyone


The next few months are going to be challenging. Unless you're in one of the key services, you're probably now in lockdown at home. Time is going to go very slowly, and there's nothing we can do about it. We're going to have to be patient. 

So, until the world recovers, we're going to be treating this website as a book club for those who need distraction, stimulation and entertainment.


Use it, read it, contact us about it, share it with friends. We currently have 175 books on our pages with more coming soon. Read the extracts, order them, listen to our audio tracks, suggest more titles to us. 

When you're fed up with reading, get writing. Write to us with your thoughts. Write essays for your friends. Write a memoir for your family. 


If you want to write a book, we can help. In addition to running this website and publishing the largest literary magazine in Britain, we operate a consultancy that helps authors bring out well-written, professional-looking books—a rarity in this field.  

I'll be updating you all the time on new books and new ventures. Meanwhile I'm keeping our pages as open access. Do use them and suggest others we should include.

And by the way, we're not interested in harvesting your data. We don't want to track your movements or force you to accept cookies. We simply want you to enjoy and be inspired by our choice of books.

No army is ever prepared for the next war. This is our World War Three; who ever expected the enemy would be some tiny thing that's neither organic nor inorganic, neither alive nor dead?

It's going to change us. Let's be constructive and imaginative in how we get ready for the post-war world, and let's be good to ourselves and our neighbours.

I wish you and your loved ones good health, above all. Feel free to contact me whenever you like.

Stephen Games


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