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What's the deal?

With the Booklaunch website currently in transition, we’re busy developing new ways to help you fulfil all your bookish needs.

If you live in the UK, you’re already able to buy any book free of postage via our Blackwell affiliation—usually less expensively than better-known online retailers. (Yes, you know who.) But if you want your purchase to help local bookshops, we sell via too.

We offer books by our sibling publishers (EnvelopeBooks, PostcardBooks and BroadsheetBooks) at a discount for single copies and at three for the price of two—on this site (see Envelope Bookshop). 

We also offer FREE unlimited access to our Archive, where everything we have ever published is searchable (via the Search Tool in the top right-hand corner).

Hungry to hear a book being read? We offer scrolling podcasts. (And we can make one for you, if it would bring joy to your soul.)

Want to get published? We offer a professional, conscientious service for writers with something valuable to say.

And don’t forget our Lingualia column, for people who love language and quizzes.

But if you join the club

If you join our Club, we will also welcome you with a FREE copy of any book you choose by one of our sibling publishers.

Also, whenever our siblings bring out a new book, you'll be able to buy it at half price, with FREE postage if you live in the UK.


Wait! There's more! As a member of the Club, you'll get each quarterly issue of Booklaunch delivered to your door. 


And before the print magazine gets posted out to the wider world, you’ll get a digital version of it emailed to your computer or mobile phone.

Be munificent: sign up a friend

Maybe you’re already a member. Then why not enrol a friend? Or maybe you know people overseas who'd relish a dose of English literacy every so often.


We hope you do: we want our happy family of Booklaunchers to grow.


So sign up now! 

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