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It's been a tough few months. In the latest edition of Booklaunch, due to be mailed out from next week, language theorist Philip Seargeant explains how politicians construct their lies (yes, he's talking about Donald J Trump) and with Colston and Rhodes on our minds, Trevor Pateman muses on just how long political statues deserve to remain on their plinths before we call time on them.


We have an extract from Athena Aktipis's extraordinary book The Cheating Cell on the evolutionary character of cancer ('cancer cells are like bad roommates: they don't do their share, don't clean up and then invite unwanted friends to stay over') and Kevin Hand speculates on where best to look for alien life (clue: start in our own oceans).


We feature two stunning art books from the Ashmolean in Oxford - one on how Rembrandt made progress in his early years, the other on how wood engraving has made progress in the last 100.


TV producer Michael Waterhouse ('Bone Detectives'; 'Great British Journeys') unveils his first novel, we've got two books about urban culture - one on London's black music scene, the other on young Asians' fascination with Jeremy Clarkson - and from the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, we're featuring Brigitte Benkemoun's French bestseller about the search for the owner of a discarded address book with the names of every artist in Paris. 


Among our other delicacies, we offer advice to self-publishers on how to design a book cover, and in an editorial on polarisation in public life we suggest that the UK government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic looks very much like a war crime that warrants prosecution.


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Meanwhile, write to us about anything that interests you. Tell us if you've got a book you want to feature in Booklaunch or get ready for publication. Above all, keep safe: it may be a long and fractious summer.


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