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Book, Stronghold by Tucker Malarkey

Genre Environmental behaviour  

Salmon were dying, because no one looked at the consequences of efforts to save them

by Tucker Malarkey


In 1990, word of a disturbing report spread like a virus through Oregon’s conservation community. Salmon were disappearing fast. In just 20 years, the winter chinook of the Sacramento River fell from roughly 86,000 to 500. In forty years, Snake River sockeye had gone from 3,000 to one single fish.

     The loss was unimaginable. Salmon were a symbol of the region. It was said that they had once swum so thick in the Columbia river that one could almost walk across the water on their backs …

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Genre Poetry for parents

Poems where parents address their young children are some of the most tender writings we have

by Phineas Foster


When you were a bump in my tummy

I didn’t know what you would be.

A boy or a girl or a moon-child,

A copy of daddy or me.


And now you're asleep in your cot,

     my sweet baby,

I still don't know what you will be.

A tinker, a tailor, a soldier—or

A marvelling creature like me. …

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